Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Before the Fall" ("3 Días") - World Premiere at the Berlinale 2008 - Panorama Special

- "3 Días is a razor-sharp, terrifying film"..."the whole thing is made with such an attention to detail and is so stylistically confident, that it’s a pleasure to watch just for those reasons."(Wieland Speck, Head of the Panorama Section - Berlinale)
- "One of my highlights from the film programme"..."Gutierrez proves that films about armageddic meteorites crashing into the earth can be both intelligent and moving."(Rebbeca Davis, Telegraph)
- "strangely hypnotic and shifting-genre crossbreed of apocalyptic special FX and nasty murders"..."the strong acting and emotional resonance raised by the heightened situation proves irresistible" (Alan Jones, Fangoria Magazine)
- "It's not for weak nerves!"..."more than pure entertainment"..."Gutiérrez creates an atmosphere of extreme discomfort"..."he blurs the boundaries between reality and dream creating a tremendous tension."(Das Blog Zum Of)
- "Dense atmosphere"..."a disturbing horror movie."(
- "Gutierrez is convincing."(
- "Spanish nightmare."(
- "A journey deep inside the apocalypse."(El Mundo)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's hard but really brave. We really enjoyed the movie!!