Sunday, February 17, 2008

"Before the Fall" ("3 Días") - World Premiere at the Berlinale 2008 - Panorama Special

- "3 Días is a razor-sharp, terrifying film"..."the whole thing is made with such an attention to detail and is so stylistically confident, that it’s a pleasure to watch just for those reasons."(Wieland Speck, Head of the Panorama Section - Berlinale)
- "One of my highlights from the film programme"..."Gutierrez proves that films about armageddic meteorites crashing into the earth can be both intelligent and moving."(Rebbeca Davis, Telegraph)
- "strangely hypnotic and shifting-genre crossbreed of apocalyptic special FX and nasty murders"..."the strong acting and emotional resonance raised by the heightened situation proves irresistible" (Alan Jones, Fangoria Magazine)
- "It's not for weak nerves!"..."more than pure entertainment"..."Gutiérrez creates an atmosphere of extreme discomfort"..."he blurs the boundaries between reality and dream creating a tremendous tension."(Das Blog Zum Of)
- "Dense atmosphere"..."a disturbing horror movie."(
- "Gutierrez is convincing."(
- "Spanish nightmare."(
- "A journey deep inside the apocalypse."(El Mundo)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Filmax Intl. picks up world sales on Gutierrez's "Before the Fall"

Berlinale buzz Panorama title Before The Fall (3 Dias) from rising young Spanish auteur Francisco Javier Gutierrez has been picked up for world sales by Filmax Entertainment.

The thriller, which was 'godfathered' by Spanish star Antonio Banderas, is coproduced by Maestranza Films, Green Moon Spain and Pentagramma Films. (Screen Daily)

Gutierrez's debut, an unusual sci-fi morality tale, has generated buzz in Spain, driven by the sales and B.O. boom in new Spanish genre talent. Pic turns on a man who struggles for ethical redemption as a meteorite hurtles toward Earth, signaling the end of the world.