Friday, July 11, 2008

"3 Dias" ("Before the fall") - Latest Reviews

- "Intense thrills" (JOURNAL ICI, Montreal)
- "Shocking, risky and brilliant" (ABC)
- "A brave debut, a perfect thriller" (LA RAZON)
- "Many directors would kill to have their films shot with the sophistication and quality of this pre-apocaliptic intimate little film"..."the film plays out so quietly and shifts genre so elegantly from morbid family drama to western existentialism to set-plece action picture as the acts go along"..."it proves yet again that there are really no end to the angles and perspectives where a genre-film can reach" (Kurt Halfyard, TWICHTFILM)
-"Intense suspense"..."brutal and shocking" (Nicolas Archambault, FANTASIA INT. FILM FESTIVAL)
- "Visual and gripping" (ZURICH INT. FILM FESTIVAL)
- "It will stick in your head" (EL PAIS.COM)
- "Excellent and unusual" (IMAGENES)
- "A powerful apocalyptic fantasy" (ESPOO CINE INT. FILM FESTIVAL)
- "An atypical shotgun blast of paranoid suspense and melancholic anxiety"..."BEFORE THE FALL" is equal parts modern Western, society falls apart drama and serial killer revenge thriller all the while operating withing a disarmingly minimalist approach that refuses to let the film fall into simple spectacule" (Mitch Davis, FANTASIA INT. FILM FESTIVAL)

- "A great movie" (LA COPE)
- "A razor-sharp debut... It will run over you! A tremendous film." (LA RIOJA.COM)
- "Real tension"..."BEFORE THE FALL achieves a SAW-esque level of torturous intensity" (Michael Gingold, FANGORIA MAGAZINE)
- "Fresh, disturbing, moving and original" (DIARIO CORDOBA)
- "A dark tale full of pain, fear and tenderness... brilliant." (GUIA DEL OCIO)
- "This movie will trap you" (GENTE DIGITAL)
- "Strangely hypnotic and shifting-genre crossbreed of apocalyptic special FX and nasty murders"..."the strong acting and emotional resonance raised by the heightened situation proves irresistible" (Alan Jones, FANGORIA MAGAZINE, USA)
- "I absolutely loved the Spanish BEFORE THE FALL"..."Gutierrez’ stunning genre crossbreed is one of the best-directed movies in the Cannes market." (Ian Rattray, FILM4, UK)

- "Brave and disturbing... an excellent film" (LA OPINION, LA CORUNA)
- "Gutierrez proves that films about armageddic meteorites crashing into the earth can be both intelligent and moving."(Rebbeca Davis, DAILY TELEGRAPH)

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Fuel said...

Espero que F.Javier Gutiérrez esté rabajando en algún proyecto nuevo, porque es el futuro del cine español.